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CrossFit Hove workout of the day 26 February

Warm up/mobility/strength work

10 bent over row

20 press ups


We don’t commonly see the bent over row very much within CrossFit circles and possibly the reason for this is the older version of the movement which we perform has changed and become much more a physique training movement than a functional one. The bent over row we favour is a flatter variant, hinged at the waist, maintained lumber curve and the range of motion (generally with a barbell) is from floor to mid sternum. The physique version involves a much taller spine and the bar is pulled from above the knee to the base of the rib cage.


Scaling foundational movements

The basic pressup that we see as a fundamental movement can be challenging for most. The key to improving this movement lies in its scaling. We frequently see new clients come in and when they show us a pressup the hand position will be wide and the elbows splay out to the sides. This engages the incorrect muscle groups and increases load through the small muscles in the front of the shoulders.
We encourage a hand placement just outside of shoulder width, with the elbows aimed downwards towards the torso. Another correction we utilise is either reducing the range of motion from chest to floor or alternately reducing the load by placing the hands on a raised surface, this lessens the weight of the torso and still allows for a full range of motion.