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And there’s more.

Here we can see the newly constructed wall-I’d always guesstimated the height of the Box before-we knew the doors were 10ft 3 inches high-I spoke to the carpenter that made them-and the ceiling is 12 ft high exactly, so no problems for our taller clients-I still need to workout where we’ll hang the rings for the muscle up wods.
In the second shot we can see where the changing room and showering facilities will be, as well as the mini kitchen and coats and bags area.
The third shot gives an idea of the depth of the box too, and again all the awesome ceiling height.
I measured everything up completely and drew a graph paper representation to give an idea of how much rubber flooring we will need-a lot was the answer!

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And so it begins

Well we’ve found a space to move to-much bigger than we’re used to as well so it’s all be very exciting.
There’s still lots of work to do-maybe a month’s worth, what with putting in the showers, painting, setting up the pullup rigs, laying the floor, as well as buying more bumper plates, bars, kettlebells and rings.
We’re planning to open in the begining of July-can’t wait!

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