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How I spent my weekend

Last week seemed to pass quite slowly, we finished the base for the showers, but still couldn’t properly start building partitions for the cubicles or plan where the shower trays would actually sit until Alex came in and worked out the trap placement and how the pipes would come from the mains. We managed to pretty much finish most of the decor inside the box, yet some of this will need further work to get it upto scratch once we’ve finished the rewire.
The weekend however, seemed to fly by-the new lights are (mostly) in, the wiring issues we were having not sorted until late last night, but it was great when I turned off the lights for the first time (I have in fact used a light switch before-this was not the problem-it was a flux capacitor type thing apparently) Many thanks to Micheal for this.

Alex also finished his plumbing stuff so we can build now we can press on with the showers and start tiling too. Looking forward to having a shower there (again I should stress I have showered before-although I have stopped shaving until we open the new box)

Stephen very kindly came and helped yesterday as well, despite being put up the much feared tower.

Oo-forgot to mention I took a trip to pick up the rubber matting for our flooring from Polymax in Bordon (Hi Lea, Graham, Pat) It was on a military base-lots of cool green stuff. I also spoke to Jordan (no not her) and spoke to York, for bars, weights, and bumpers respectively.

So generally its all good-and on target too!

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So far, so good

Work is progressing well, all the decorating is moving along at a swift rate thanks to my many helpers, the plumber and electrician are booked for the weekend and I have spoken to suppliers about more kit, so, fingers crossed, should shut down our old site next wednesday and open the Hove location on the 2nd of July.

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Work continues on the new box-having been at our old box for just over a year before taking the necessary leap up a size (or two) it seems amazing how big the new space is, and I’m very grateful for the friends who’ve helped so far and will continue to endevour so that we can meet our deadline of the begining of July to open. Emma braved the tower, preparing the walls and ceiling for the shower area, thank you so much for taking the time off Em.

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