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Problems solved.

I spoke to various people, structural engineers and metal fabricators about hanging our gymnastic rings from the the girders in the ceiling, and we were unfortunately given lots of suggestions about beam drilling (a no no) beam clamp-ideal for hanging pipes-not people. I then spoke to a scaffolder and he provided the simplest method and the clamps necessary-they’re not too pretty but will hold six and a half tons-ideal.

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Catching up on the main page wod’s
10 wall ball
10 situps
10 good mornings

amrap for 20 minutes.

The good mornings were a suitable sub for the ghd back extension, using an olympic bar for boys and a lighter trainer bar for the girls.

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Benchmark bear complex
12 deadlifts
9 hang power cleans
6 push jerks
x 5

Apologies for the lack of blogs lately-we had a week in Devon, (and the weather was rubbish) but it was nice anyway, but good to be back too.

In case you’re wondering what a bear complex is-this is a good example from CFHQ.


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Jungle gym

30 Muscle ups for time is a little daunting, even more duanting is 120 pullups and 120 dips if you don’t have the muscle up, and it takes a long time. It builds strength but we loose intensity, something which should always be present in the work that we do. If we scale this further and add a monostructural element we keep intensity high, yet allow the upper body a modicum of rest.

5 ring pullups, (ideally in the false grip, again a regular grip is also acceptable, especially is the scaling takes into account a jumping pullup)
5 ring dips, (again looking at scaling with either a banded or negative dip)
run 1 ramp (140m)

It does also help if you have a few pairs of rings too.

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Two Stroke

Hang power cleans

Two stroke tabata,
I recently watched a video of Pat Sherwood, one of the programming directors at HQ, training at Tony Blauer’s SPEAR compound in Virginia Beach. The wod split a tabata workout, (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, repeat through 4 movements, 8 worksets per movement-16 minutes in total) into just 2 movements, but placed them back to back, so Sherwood did hang power cleans and push jerks, alternating through the movements for 8 minutes. We adapted this with wall ball and burpees, it didn’t prove overly popular.

Cash out
Static handstand hold.

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Run 400
15 overhead squats
Scaled as we needed, following our mantra “mechanics, consistency, intensity, Jason did this as rx’d with 95, others with less.

Finally finished laying the floor today, have figured out an odd injury I’ve had, a sharp pain in the forearm just above the elbow, thought it might have been tendonitis from an old injury (we get injuries as the price we pay for not sitting around on our a$$es-Mark Rippetoe) it is in fact an entiely new condition called “Cuttingstablematswithastanleyknifeitis” and I think should now fade away.

P.S. Hello Sarah.

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I dont like.

Some of you may recall I have a fear, possible phobia and general dislike of thrusters. A thruster is a movement entirely unique to CrossFit, it is the combination of a front squat into an overhead press, and is a great test of core strength and hip drive, pushing the weight into the locked out overhead position, with the arm behind the line of the ear, not in front. (this is important, range of movement is a CrossFit standard and needs to be adhered to)
They are uncomfortable, to say the least, however in our training we need to embrace our deficiencies, preparing our fitness so that we can possess a balanced fitness, not primarily focussing on our strengths and favourite bits.

The wod for today was 7 single thrusters, each escalating in weight, I got up to 65kg-Davie has an 80kg as does Karl-so I need to work on these, much as I don’t want to.

To follow
Mini Fran
7 thrusters
7 pullups
x 5.

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