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Deads and Cindy


5 pullups
10 pressups
15 squats.
Amrap 20 minutes

Cindy, a benchmark “Girl” wod, (Girl, in the same way that hurricanes are girls) can be a game of tactics, for our more conditioned clients the movements can be performed in approx 40 seconds, leaving a rest phase, if so desired until the minute, when the round is repeated again, or alternatively no breaks are taken and we aim for as many rounds as possible in the given timeframe. The choice-is yours.

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Split jerks
Some of our guys had never split jerk before-my fault, for some the movement seemed automatic and fluid, foot placement came easily and recovery very natural, others will need to be coached a little more to ensure the back foot ends up where it needs to, but that’s what we do, as we watch and encourage you, charting your progress as clients.

met con
run 400m, and as many situps as possible in 3 minutes, rest one minute, 4 rounds.

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Not soccer-this came from John Welborne’s CrossFit site,
this is actually CF with a bias towards the short sprints and heavy load work used in the game.
10 kettlebell swings
run 40m
amrap 12 minutes

Worked on: ice cream makers, inversion in the rings, skin the cats.

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Mechanics + Consistency = Intensity.
CrossFit in its simpest form draws from 9 different movements, although many movements are incorporated into our training, this basic nine form the base from which we begin our training, thus whenever new people join us, they start by learning the big nine.
(Which are: squat, overhead squat, front squat, press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull and clean)

Once a degree of familiarity to these movements forms then we can begin to load the intensity factor, still keeping the weight light as to ensure that we see no chronic breakdown in the movements themselves-once we witness consistent good form and the new clients are relatively well practised we can begin to increase our intensity accordingly.

Jo And Emily did,
5 sumodeadlift hi pull
5 burpees
5 box jumps

One of the factors which greatly distinguishes our workouts from the normal training in a globo is the use of multiple movements either rapidly in sequence or the usage of the body as a whole, as opposed to training muscle groups, often on alternate days, thus subdividing yourself-the body is a unit, and should be trained accordingly.

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newbies and scalability

Crossfit workouts, by their very nature are demanding, and for those who stumble across these workouts, they may seem possibly excessive and verging on the impossible. Often new clients will have seen videos on youtube or Hq of very high level athletes and feel exceptionally daunted, and fear that CrossFit is well beyond anything that they could achieve.

This is where scalability somes into play, altering load, reps or distance according to the individual, their fitness and their ability to deal with the intensity of the workouts.

The Wod
10 front squats
10 situps
run 100 m
four rounds

The Scaling
Front squats were done with a medicine ball weighing 20 lbs, situps can be anchored, (holding a weight with the feet), and distance can be reduced as necessary.

The same workout can be scaled up accordingly, depending on the abilities of the client and their degree of conditioning and exposure to intensity.

Scaled up
10 front squats @50 kg
10 situps
run 100m
four rounds

This is exactly the same workout, the only factor that has been changed is the load in the front squat, both workouts will prove demanding to the individual performing them, these demands are relative to the individual and we scale the workouts according to their ability.

allabouthescaling miley

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Our youngest boy wonder, is continuing to develop well, he joined us the week after the CrossFit games qualifiers, so he’s been training just over 4 months and continues to impress, he follows the diet, trains well and consistently, asks questions and listens to answers-and also got into Brighton uni so will continue to train as well! Well done on both counts.

Wednesday saw skill work on the cleans and Annie

50 double unders
50 situps
40 du
40 situps
then 30 30, 20 20, 10 10.

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