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The weekend pt 2

The second day of the cert refreshes the more intricate movement of CF (the push jerk etc) and looks at the more gymnastic movements we use.
The level 1 can be seen as the beginings of the journey as a trainer, real growth as an individual comes from experience with clients over time and it’s important for trainers to continue learning as they progress, travelling to meet other trainers and learn from them as they can.

It was great as well to meet up with old friends and make new ones too.

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How was your weekend? pt1

Ours was awesome! We travelled over to see Johnny and Helen of Elite 400 CrossFit Northern Ireland, who were hosting the level 1 trainers cert. This qualification is the first stage of becoming a CF trainer, working through the major movements we use in our training, and covers nutrition, programming, scaling, definitions of fitness and virtuosity.
I was exceptionally proud of Chrissie, my fiancee, who’ll be taking a more active role in the coaching of our athletes. Neil, a great client of ours, who in a short space of time has progressed rapidly, also did his level 1 to increase his knowledge of CrossFit and will hopefully work with us in the near future.

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Happy hours

Main page wod
10 squat cleans
50 situps
8 squat cleans
40 situps
6 squat cleans
30 situps
4 squat cleans
20 situps
2 squat cleans
10 situps

In case you’re wondering what the difference is between a squat clean and a clean is-the answer is, there is none. The English terminology is a clean and it would be presumed to contain the squat element, and would then be diffentiated between a power clean, hang power clean etc. As Andrew says “I hope this helps”.

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