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S.P.E.A.R. Seminar

If you’re thinking of booking in for the seminar on the 21st and haven’t done so yet-get it done!-Zeb says the postal service is playing havoc with the registration forms so if you want to attend fill in a form at the box and give the money to myself to forward to Zeb.


2 muscle ups
4 handstand pressups
8 Kettlebell swings
AMRAP 20 mins

Scaled as necessary but we’re seeing progression towards full muscle up and increased depth of movement in our handstands.

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One for Karl

Friday night’s happy hour(s) borrowed heavily from the programming of Karl Steadman from CrossFit Manchester.

run 400
10 push press
20 pressups
30 wall ball
rest 2 minutes
three rounds

Thanks mate-looking forward to seeing you at the SPEAR seminar.

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Where to start?

One of the things that can be initially missed when people look at is how we scale our workouts to suit those who aren’t as fit as they could be. Some people can be under the impression that they aren’t fit enough to start doing what we do-all that we do is scalable, if you can walk and sit you are fit enough to start training.
All new clients start on the nursery slopes, learning movements, and getting accustomed to how we work and intensity in all its relative levels.

Mark’s workout
5 Front squats
7 situps
run 140m
x 5

Mark comes from a rowing/traithalon background so as a result he is more conditioned than an individual who has done very little exercise but this workout can be further scaled to air squats (unweighted) and less situps (if at all) and shorter runs (or even walks). You don’t need to be fit to start CrossFit but if you want to be it’s the best way to do it.

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One bar Linda

One bar Linda is a useful way of adapting the regular Linda into a group workout scenario. Linda would be (in the HQ prescribed weight form) 1 1/2 bodyweight deadlift, bodyweight bench press, 3/4 bodyweight clean, and is accordingly kit heavy-hence 3 bars of death. Our adaptation of this was
deadlift, hang power clean and push press, the weight for the entire series of movements based around the strength of the push press, yet still following the same decreasing rep range.

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Going for Max

Push press

Push jerk

A brief Nicole
3 rounds of as many pullups as possible, run 400m

As much as we insist on Mechanics, Consistency and then Intensity, we need to bring intensity to our movements in order to perfect movements such as the push jerk, the addition of “gusto” in these lifts is vital. How this is brought about depends on the individual and taking them to a level where they can deliver the movement-in Max’s case, volume is key.

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