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We have a guest trainer with us for the week, Jacob Tsypkin from CrossFit Monterey and co-author of He is despite his youth an “oldschool CrossFitter” and has huge knowledge of movements and technique-he also shouts a lot!!

Overhead squat

In one minute run 75m then do as many burpees as possible for the remainder of the minute, do for a total of 75 burpees.

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Apologies for the spartan blogging last week, missed wods were
handstand pressups

As many pullups as possible, run 400 metres in twenty minutes.

15 double unders
15 situps
15 backextensions
as many rounds as possible in twenty minutes.

I also missed out last fridays happy hours (s) which was “nasty girls”
7 muscle ups
10 power cleans
50 squats
Many thanks to Karl Steadman (of CrossFit HQ) for help coaching on that.
Happy hour of friday just gone was
single arm snatches
2,2,2,2,2. per side
10 wall ball
10 pressup
10 broad jumps (6ft)
amrap 10 minutes.

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