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30 clean and jerks.
Grace is a wod that disobeys many of the rules in Olympic weightlifting, purists argue that a high rep oly lifting wod goes against the finesse of lifting. Seldom in training these lifts or teaching them would we reach these numbers, it’s argued that form fails, bad habits are further engrained and they serve little purpose-however most olympic lifters specialise in working a very short duration of effort, yet in CrossFit we aim to train functional movements in a broad spectrum of durations. This as a result, produces a fitness that is broad, general and inclusive, specifically aiming to not specialise but aiming at a high level of multipupose functional fitness.

It should be noted though that saturday mornings are our specific oly lifting sessions-although we are going to add something else to that very soon 🙂

Grace was followed by two minutes of burpees.

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5,7,9 for 12

5 sumo deadlift hi pulls
7 burpees
9 box jumps
amrap 12 minutes

Another of our guys got his muscle up today-congratulations to Jamie.

There’s been much discussion at the box on our goals for the next three months and the rest of the year. What we want to achieve, whether it’s greater skill at the olympic lifts, faster benchmark wods, muscle ups and consecutive muscle ups, cleaner diets, better nutrition knowledge or simply double unders.
These are all things we need to think about-goals are important, as is having the right attitude and belief that these goals are very achievable.

Thanks to everybody for their hard work and dedication to what we do and their belief in CrossFit, especially thanking those who moved with us from CrossFit West Sussex to CrossFit Hove, your loyalty and support is very much appreciated.

Merry Christmas
Much Love
Miles and Christine

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Death by pullup
o-60 seconds-1 pullup
then 2nd minute, 2 pullups,
3rd minute, 3 pullups
this goes on for as long as possible providing the number of pullups needed in the alloted minute is completed.

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2,4,8 for 20

2 muscle ups
4 handstand pressups
8 kettlebell swings
amrap 20 mins.

There hasn’t been a lot of chat on these blogs as of late, and as a result the workouts may have looked less scalable as a result, it’s true that some of our guys have now got regular muscle ups and I’m very proud of the fitness that they’ve acheived using CrossFit. However a lot of the work we do is still very scaled as people have different abilities and so we tailor the workout to the individual.
Some of the guys today did their muscle ups with knees on the floor using the legs to assist the movement, some jumping to the top of the rings and then doing a negative dip. The handstand pressups were scaled to use abmats to reduce the depth, or alternately using boxes to take some of the weight away, likewise the swing weight was varied to the individual.
All of these scalings are valid, and are part of the pathway of developing a better fitness.

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Helen Challenge

We finished our Helen challenge last week
(3 rounds of run 400, 21 swings, 12 pullups)
Most improved time was 3.42 off their original set back in the begining of November. Thanks to everyone for taking part and donating to the Marsden.

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10, 30 x5

10 cleans (full squat please)
30 situps

3 rounds of max rep pullup, minutes rest between each.
The choice of pullupup was given to the individual, choosing from the pullup menu:
cyclical (butterfly) :0

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