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bench press

3 front squat
7 l sit pullup

Yesterday saw some fairly heavy scaling on the L sit, shortening the lever arm to a basket hang, (imagine sitting in a chair so the legs are bent at the knee) deadhang and finally banded.

We’ve been talking as well about bench press as a functional movement, we train for the unknown and the unknowable, so, if we encounter a situation (ie an attacker-worst case scenario) pushing away could be very relevant, this also relates very applicably to our SPEAR training as well.

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On Friday I travelled over to Holland to attend a CrossFit level 1 certification seminar. This was the first seminar of its kind and its chief aim is to maintain the high standard of teaching ability, movement, knowledge throughout the HQ certification staff and ensure quality for people attending their certification. It was a great privilege to be there and work with the finest trainers from HQ. (and good to catch up with a few people from my level 2 and my buddy Mads as well.)

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Camp pendleton

Back squat or deadlift

Camp Pendleton
15 kettlebell swings
15 pushups
run 400
amrap-normally a 20, this time a 15.

March the 19th marked the second aniversary opening of CrossFit Camp Pendleton in 2008.
This CrossFit box is within the Camp Pendleton marine base and was equipped via the donation of the kit from the original CrossFit Santa Cruz.

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Saturday morning

The 10am Olympic lifting class focussed on hang, mid hang, and high hang positions in the snatch
The 11am Kettlebell class looked at fundamentals of kettlebell work namely the russian swing, powerswing and american swing
10 american swings
10 pressups
10 box jumps
x 5
I particularly enjoy our kettlebell class, it’s great watching Neil develop as a trainer and every week he just gets better and better! Many thanks Neil.

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