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squat cleans @60kg
ring dips

We’re scaling our workouts as and when is necessary, and we do this for a number of factors, such as fitness, strength, exposure to intensity and profiency of mechanics.
CrossFit is an exceptionally efficient programme for producing a very high level of general fitness. (Fitness is classically regarded as the ability to perform a task-we propose that this task may be constantly variable and thus need to train to a variety of different movements and work within different energy pathways.)
Our scaling for these workouts such as Elizabeth, is done in a variety of ways:
21/15/9 (these are the numbers or reps of each movement used) can be reduced to 15/12/9 or further to 12/9/6.
The weight involved is obviously also scalable-even down to working the clean with just pvc pipe and studying the integrity of the squat dependent on the flexibility of the athlete.
The same can be said of the ring dip, whether our athlete has the ability to perform a full dip (from a straight arm to the ring placement just in front of the arm pit then pressing to full extension, to a negative dip-slow downwards movement to the ring, to a ring hold where the rings are held tightly to the sides and held static for a short duration)
If you look at the work we do in CrossFit and consider it too hard it should be remembered that we are able to scale our workouts for the individual regardless of ability-all we ask is for your effort.

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30 handstand pressups
40 pullups
50 kettlebell swing
60 situps
70 burpees

Scaling was somewhat evident, and it has to be said important, not everybody has a handstand pressup let alone a handstand so heights were scaled and sometimes shoulder press was substituted as deemed necessary.

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La weekend

Had the great privilege of working on the CrossFit level 1 certification seminar at CrossFit Central London, great to work with a few old friends and make some new ones!
Many thanks to Neil for looking after the place saturday morning.

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