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As many reps of bodyweight bench press (or scaled-Jo weighs 2.5kg more than her bench) followed by as many pullups as possible.
5 rounds, not timed, rest as reasonable between sets.

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Running Bear

Run 280
1 deadlift
1 hang power clean
1 front squat
1 push press
1 back squat
Run 280
repeat barbell sequence, adding either,2.5,5 or 10kg
Run 280
Again add same weight as previous
Run 280
ttb 8.38 starting at 50, moving to 60 then 70 for last round-Nice work
Karl Stone

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SPEAR seminar

On sunday we headed up to CRossFit3D in Manchester and Zeb Glover gave a fantastic seminar on the SPEAR self defense system. Great to see the Steadmans and their crew, as well as a couple of other visiting affiliates, Ashley from CrossFit Carlisle and Graham and Lorraine from CrossFit Dental.

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Benchin’ & Burpees

5 of 3 of banded bench press, the bands allow for different resistance to be “experienced” during the lift

first minute run 100m then do as many burpees as possible until the top of the minute, then run again, complete 50 burpees. Max did this in 4 minutes, thanks to RWR for naming it.

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