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Revision week

Push press

Double tap
7 ring pressup
9 wall ball
12 situp
amrap 7

rest 2 minutes

7 pullups
9 swings
12 lunges
amrap 7

We’re spending the week revising our fundamental movements-the nine foundational movements form the basis of our programming and the basis of functional movement. Practice makes perfect.

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Compare and contrast

Power cleans, front squats, squat cleans.

Following “The Chief” earlier in the week, Saturday provided further opportunity to progress with our movements and accordingly we looked at the clean, making better shapes with the pull and aiming for more extension. Tom in the first picture has extension of both the ankles and hips and his shoulders are high in his ears, indicating a good shrug. Tom does however pull too early with his arms , thus muting the power from the extension. The movement is still very new to him so he still is inexperienced but progressing well.
Mark in our second shot has height in his movement but the pull is appearing before his hips have had a chance to open, so again there is much power there to be harnessed, it should be noted that despite this Mark got a 25kg pb in this session, he’s seen here with 70. Both of these clients are 6’3-not exactly ideal for Olympic lifting. Excellent work from all.

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CrossFit Total

Apologies for not blogging for a couple of days, tuesday and wednesday saw people either playing catchup with The Chief or doing slightly longer bodyweight orientated workouts. Yesterday saw the CrossFit Total, a one rep max for the deadlift, shoulder press and back squat. these are then added together as a cumulative total, 3 attempts on the one rep max were allowed.

It’s pretty important to not spend the day prior to these lifts cogitating on the outcome of what faces you. The majority of the time our athletes have no idea what awaits them at CFH (surprises are fun!) But for the total prior warning was given so rest days could be taken as necessary if so desired. For our newbies it was good practice and constructive, for our not so newbies it was heavy! Well done to all-very proud of you.

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