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Train a lift you need to work on, create balance, if you squat more than you deadlift, you deadlift, if you need to work on the press, pp or pj, this should be addressed. If your overhead squat is challenging, challenge it.

A brief Nicole
as many pullups as possible, then run 200-amrap 10.
My apologies to the 5pm class and their impromptu outside wod (20 swings, 100m waiters walk x 5 in case you’re wondering)

jeff martin


FU Jeff Martin.
This workout was originally a birthday Wod for Jeff Martin (CrossFit Brand X-co creator of the Kids programme, and general hero of mine) The Wod was 51 thrusters at 50 kilo’s, the forfeit being that if the bar goes to the floor, a round of Cindy is performed-for the first time, if it goes down again, two rounds and so on.
We niced this up a little-25 thrusters, if it hits the deck, 3 pullups, 5 pressups, 7 squats-still proved “interesting”.

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