Monthly Archives: October 2010

Engine, transmission, axle.

LOC overhead
Press, push press, push jerk. 3’s
It’s less a choice, more an exercise in movement and technique, polishing or as necessary re-teaching movements with different cues. One size doesn’t fit all with clients and their motions will vary accordingly, thus their proprioception will vary also, hence the focus.

5 push press
7 lateral burpee
9 box jumps
run 200m
amrap 15 minutes

Le weekend

My apologies for the lack of posts and also lack photograpy on this post, Picasa is currently disagreeing with with my PC and thus no images are forthcoming.
Anyway-the weekend was great, we travelled to Crossfit Velocity in Swansea with two teams competing in the divided we fall games and I must say I was very pleased with all of my guys and their performances.

The wods
(all team wods, four to a team, three males, one female)
row 300m

Ground to overhead-heaviest possible, time limited to 10 minutes.

farmers carry 200m (2 team mates must be carried by other members)
20 thrusters (30/40kg)
20 kettlebell swings (16/24kg)
20 deadlifts (50/80kg)
20 lateral burpees
farmers carry 200m

The time cap on this was 15 minutes.

Floating wod-this had to be completed by 2pm
100 prowler push, then pull.