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Front squats, tabata etc.

The days wod’s started with addressing movements that needed work, refining, polishing or just simple preactice.
The 7.30’s looked at the clean (squat clean) and after a little practice, pulling from different positions and working on hip extension, as well as dealing with those tricky knee things which seem to get in the way.
early wod
5 squat clean
5 lateral burpees

run 400m
5 front squats
50 double unders

Squat cleans-singles.

Happy hour!
tabata (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x 8-four movements)
row for calouries
wall ball
muscle ups
kettlebell swings.

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Push press
Am’ers played catchup from friday, O.M.C wod
1 tyre flip (large+heavy)
50 double unders
2 tyre flip
40 double unders
3 tyre flips
30 double unders
4 tyre flips
20 double unders
5 tyre flips
10 double unders

Thanks to Juha for this one.

Push press
3 hanstand pressup
5 ring dips
7 kettlebell swings
amrap 10.

we’re doing a weekly two minute challenge-as many wallball as possible-accuracy is essential!