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5 chest to bar pullup
10 ring pressup
15 overhead squats
as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.
Prescribed weight for the overhead squat was 95 pounds (42.5kg). Much scaling was utilised, but a few brave folks did this as posted by HQ. Great work from Jamie and Anton for their efforts.

missing wods

Friday am, before the snow once more drew in saw
run 800
50 situps and 50 back extensions
The folks who braved the weather for the evening wods saw work on the power clean and squat clean then
squat cleans
ring dips.

Great to see so many out on friday night for the Christmas party too !

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Catch up on the weeks lifts if missed or practice handstand pressups or scaled versions thereof.

In one minute run 100m-in the remainder of the minute do as many
handstand pressups as possible until the end of that minute. Repeat until 50 handstand pressups are completed.
ttb 2.57.

Bodyweight gone bad

Using the fight gone bad protocol, we applied this to:
air squat
box jump (24 inch)

Thus each of these movements is performed for a minute before moving onto the next at the end of the minute. After the five minutes of work, a minutes rest is taken. This is repeated for three rounds, counting the movements consecutively.
Top score

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Death by…..

Death by clean and jerk
with a constantly running clock, perform one clean and jerk in the first minute. In the second minute perform two clean and jerk, in the third perform three, continuing until the required number of clean and jerks cannot be performed.


50 of
box jumps
jumping pullups
kettlebell swings
walking lunges
knees to elbows
push press
back extensions
wall ball
double unders.

It’s worth pointing out the scalability of this workout, obviously these numbers can be dropped and movements altered according to ability, age, injury etc etc.
Although it’s also great to see this being done as prescribed too!

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More squats!

Front squat

3 hang squat clean (60kg)
5 toes to bar
7 burpees

Congrats to our endurance athlete Voula who came first in her age group in her biathalon (run bike run) at the weekend. Glad you’ve thawed out since!

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