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Dumbell thrusters

We don’t see a lot of thrusters, maybe we should. The thruster is the combination of the front squat into a push press overhead, twinning two functional movements together. The aim of the thruster is to move the bar through as greater range of motion as possible repetitively. One of the aims of our training is to move large loads over long distances quickly, this is in itself is a task and thusly a test of our fitness.

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Pose Running Seminar

Sunday saw us host our first Pose running seminar.
We looked at the basics of Pose running techniques, placement of the weight in the ball of the foot, the use of the hamstring in running as opposed to the hip flexor and drills to utilise this.
Thanks to all for attending and especially to our in-house Pose Running Coach!

Missing wods

Apologies for missing pieces, Thursday saw a longer duration task orientated workout
Run 200m
10 pressups
10 situps
amrap 20 minutes.

The programming behind the wod was simple; variation following the previous days shorter weightlifting workout, wanting to employ bodyweight movements that would be of a rep duration that would be taxing yet would not cause complete fatigue and also employing running as an element.
CrossFit programming should employ organic functional movement, be constantly varied and the workouts should be of high intensity (relative to the individual)

Friday used the classic triple of weightlifting movements (a hang power clean at ideally 60 kg, obviously again scalable) a gymnastic movement (skin the cat-inversion of the body on the gymnastic rings through into a pike shape and reversed) and a 400m run

run 400
5 skin the cats
5 hang power clean


Run 400
30 wall ball
30 box jump
x 5
We did this a month ago, and repeated it this week. We look for measurable, observable and repeatable data from our fitness.
It gives us a benchmark to test our programming against, it’s relevant that we track performance as we seek results from our efforts. CrossFit is performance based fitness, it has to be-if we can’t track progress how can we see improvement.