Monthly Archives: August 2011


Individual programming

We’re nearing the end of August, and so need to retest our programming from the start of the month. All of our workouts have been in weight vests (where appropriate for the individual) adding either 10 kgs for the guys and 5 kg for the girls. A ballast added to workouts provides an extra intensity to the work we do. The idea for this came from my friend Jacob Tsypkin who owns CrossFit Monterey. Last August they did “AuVest”, and the idea stuck in my head. Many thanks to our clients for embracing this for the month.

run 400
75 pressups
run 400
75 kettlebell swings
run 400.




5,10,10 x 5

Individual programming

5 dumbell snatches per side
10 pullups
10 walking lunges with dumbbell over head, again per side

A huge congratulations goes to Mel for coming first at the CrossFit Central London Invitational this wekend, fantastic work and thank you for representing Crossfit Hove so well.