Monthly Archives: November 2011

SPEAR Personal defense readiness seminar.

Thanks to our friends at Safe Space gym for inviting us to attend another Personal defense readiness seminar. Zeb, together with Karl and Max, presented another excellent seminar. The premise of the SPEAR system is to utilise the natural flinch response and use it to become a defensive tool. It’s been a great pleasure to be able to share this skill set nationally throughout the CrossFit community. Zeb and Karl both teach the system at weekly classes in Brighton and on a saturday at CrossFit Hove.

CrossFit Hove Movember fundraiser.

Saturday saw our Movember fundraiser, two benchmark workouts “Grace” (30 power clean and jerks) and “Kelly” (400m run, 30 wal ball shots, 30 box jumps x 5) performed back to back. Thanks to all those who partook and also to those who very kindly donated to such a worthy cause.