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CrossFit Strongman Certification

At the weekend we travelled to CrossFit Clitheroe to attend Rob Orlando’s CrossFit Strongman certification. The day covered classic strongman movements, flipping tyres, correct lifting of Atlas stones, keg lifts, log lifting technique, farmers walks and yoke carries. The strongman cert illustrates how to apply this sport into CrossFit and how to scale it appropriately. I think of all the certs we’ve done this was the most fun but also the most physically demanding. A big thanks also to Tony and Joanne for hosting this at their box.


CrossFit Games regional qualifier .5

In seven minutes perform as much of the following as possible
3 thrusters
3 pullup
6 thrusters
6 pullup
9 thrusters
9 pullup
12 thrusters
12 pullup
And so on increasing by 3 each time.
Thanks to all our clients who taken part in these qualifying workouts over the last five weeks, very proud of the work done and efforts involved.

CrossFit Hove workout of the day 16 March ’12

Max reps of benchpress, immediately followed by max reps of pullups for five rounds.
Lynne is a different paced workout, the only benchmark that is untimed, named originally after one of the co-founders of the first CrossFit affiliate outside of Santa Cruz, CrossFit Seattle. Ideally to perform this benchmark as it is prescribed by is done with a bodyweight benchpress.