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CrossFit Hove workout of the day 28 August ’12

Individual strength/skill work

Individual strength and skill work is a very open phrase. CrossFit by it’s nature has a very broad skill-set yet it’s still important to focus on the foundations. The foundational movement is the squat and although it may seem a simple movement there are plenty of of things that can be improved upon; the movement is primarily posterior chain driven, powered by the hamstrings in the back of the thigh. These hamstrings are hip extensors, serving to straighten the legs from a seated position (the hip closed) and up into a straight leg (the hip open) the hamstrings with the leg straight are in their concentric phase, when the leg is bent in their eccentric phase.
An issue we see often in new clients is how they squat, usually above parallel. This presents two issues, firstly making the squat a quadricep powered movement as it focuses on knee flexion/extension ( bending the leg and straightening it). This leads to quadriceps dominant movement, which secondly, also places stress on the knees as the hamstring is not allowed to do it’s job of holding the knee joint in a stable position.
When we introduce a deep, below parallel squat it should recruit hamstring engagement as the squat needs this muscle group for it’s drive from this deep position, recruiting the quadriceps once the angle of the knee rises above parallel. Sometimes it’s the case that new clients have poor recruitment of these posterior muscles and force themselves to cantilever forward using momentum to allow the quad to assist this movement.
We use a variety of techniques to recruit these muscles and build a safer squat, as we can see from our picture our client is box squatting, this method is used again to ensure hamstring recruitment but also to build stronger adductors (inner thigh area) which serve to stabilise the knee and stop it from dropping in, again another common fault we see.
New clients frequently ask if they are fit enough to join us, I point out that what we do is so universally scalable if you can sit down and stand up you can join us, and even if this is an issue we can help.

Today’s workout was
10 shoulder to overhead
10 pressups
10 squats
As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes


Le weekend

The bank holiday saw two of our guys get married, congratulations to Pip and Rob, Emma and Steve. Further congratulations go to our guys who travelled to Bournemouth for the South Island Showdown at CrossFit Bournemouth, great work representing CrossFit Hove!

CrossFit Hove workout of the day 24 August ’12

Individual strength/skill work

In 3 minutes, run 400m, for the remainder of the time, as many overhead squats as possible. Rest 1 minute, repeat for 4 rounds.

We strive to do a lot of skill work at CrossFit Hove, and this workout was no exception, I was more than happy to see people work on depth as opposed to weight, and if that meant PVC pipe was used and great form maintained I see this as an accomplishment for our clients.