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CrossFit Hove Olympic weightlifting class

During this session the focus was on split jerk from the racks, working in sets of three and increasing weight each round.

It’s important when learning the split jerk, to be confident in getting depth in the movement. Drills with an empty bar to ensure depth was achieved were done prior to increasing weight.

10 dumbell clean and jerk
30 doubleunders (90 singles)
X 5

CrossFit Hove workout of the day 19 February ’13

Individual strength/skill work

Death by wallball
In the first minute 1 wallball, ( a wallball involves a full squat with a medicine ball, either 10,14 or 20 pounds, the ball is thrown up onto the wall markings, either 8 or 10 feet) in the second minute 2 wallball, in the third 3 etc, until unable to complete the necessary number in the minute.
The highest we saw was 22 minutes which equals an impressive 268 wallball.