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CrossFit Hove Olympic weightlifting class

Front squats
Power cleans, hang power cleans and squat clean practice.

As we look at the front squat, especially when practiced in lifting shoes, it tends to bias an extension of the knee from the lowest position. As the shoe lends itself to placing the weight in the ball of the foot, in actuality we need to think about pushing from the middle of the foot as this instigates the glutes and hamstrings in the movement. The reasoning behind this lies in the squat being performed as an opening of the hip as opposed the extension of the knee, which would bias our quads. It’s important to remember that our squat loads the hamstring first by pulling the hips rearward, but frequently the squat is a knee orientated with the hips following a vertical path. The issue with this is that it fails to recruit the hamstring in the movement and the knee pushes over the front of the foot. This places greater stress on the knee which should be avoided.
This does lead to the question as to why do people wear lifting shoes if this occurs? The purpose of the shoe is to alter the angle if the shoulder to aid movement overhead and also to provide a stable platform to lift from. Our front squats on Saturday were performed barefoot or in a zero lift shoe to emphasise the push upwards from the middle of the foot.


CrossFit Hove Olympic weightlifting class

3 push jerk
1 split jerk

Saturdays fine weather saw a females only attendance, we worked on push jerks and split jerks, focussing on the role of the hip and it’s job to provide momentum and elevation on the bar. Of all the pressing overhead movements, which we teach in our intros, the push jerk can prove the most troublesome and can require a little more time to master.