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Olympic lifting at West Sussex Barbell

Saturday’s class focused on the overhead squat, snatch progressions and snatch balance. Care was taken to look at bar path travel and where the bar should be relative to the hip and shoulders as the bar proceeds upwards and we pull ourselves beneath the bar. The movements were initially studied with PVC pipe before progressing (in some cases) to barbells and weight.


Gymnastics at West Sussex Barbell

Class focused on ring pull-ups and utilising the hip to create stronger drive in the pull, kipping the movement from the hip but also ensuring this hip opening was maximised, together with a sharp pull of the elbow. This movement provides a great transfer into the kipping muscle up also.
We further studied the push up, examine the role of the shoulder as the initiator of the movement, shoulder starting the process and elbow following.
Lastly we looked at the squat and moving into a jumping squat, but ensuring that the jump didn’t pollute the landing position and this was kept strict.
Our wod, in pairs, with 1 person holding a long armed plank, the other performs
5 ring pulls
7 pressups
9 jumping squats
Five rounds each.



CrossFit Hove workout of the day 21 February ’14

Warmup/mobilise/lift or gymnastic skill work.

5 power cleans
10 toes to bar
15 1 legged squats
As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.
The 1 legged squat, also known as a pistol, is a very scalable movement. We employed a number of different progressions, whether weight plate as a counter balance, box for support or rings to help return to vertical.
The pistol has been getting a lot of coverage in the fitness media in recent months and several of our new joiners have mentioned the movement, introduced to them by previous trainers.
The common misconception with the pistol is that it is a knee orientated, when, as with all squats it starts in the hip and hamstring.
We teach the movement initially to a box, knees clamped together and pulling the hips backwards, elongating and loading the hamstring, raising a foot as we lower ourselves downwards .
Rising from the box, we keep our weight in the middle of the foot, lean forward and rise up.