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CrossFit Hove workout of the day 10 April ’14

Warmup/mobilise/lift or gymnastic skill.

Squat cleans
Ring dips
The ring dip, itself a very demanding body weight movement, is also very scalable movement, using either a dip station for greater stability or rubber bands to assist. We can further reduce the load by still using the rings but allowing the knees to be on the floor and lowering the rings.


Olympic weightlifting at West Sussex Barbell

Split Jerk practice. We focused on jerking from the racks, not using the clean but studying the second part of the movement. Special attention is paid to the orientation of the wrist and elbow, also ensuring the bar sits on the deltoid and when the lifter dips prior to the jerk that the bar is held on the shoulder to ensure no effort is lost on the upward movement.