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Olympic weightlifting at Crossfit Hove

Split jerk practice
Our focus was on two things for this session, we looked at the movement of the leading foot in the split. Commonly the foot is lifted, as if to kick a ball, if we look at the most efficient and stable movement for the foot, it will be almost skimming with the heel touching first and the toes landing after, this leads to a faster movement process.
The other portion of the movement studied was the elbow position and where the bar should rest ideally on the top of the chest bone (the manubrium) we look for a vertical forearm with the jerk as this is the position of the elbow in the press and push press. Both these movements benefit from the vertical forearm as this is the best position for the shoulder to initiate the movement and the tricep to continue this movement.

Gymnastics at CrossFit Hove

Class focus was on one handed handstands and how to attain these. We frequently see people in the CrossFit community performing these as a single armed wide legged movement against a wall. What we were aiming for is a more controlled progression, aiming to keep feet together, having both feet move sideways, followed by the hips then the shoulders until enough weight is shifted that the hand can be raised.
This serves as a progression for handstand walking as it allows us to learn how to shift our weight.
This was followed by some ab work with candlesticks and dragon flags.
The Wod was a 1 minutes handstand hold and 1 minute of hollow rocks for 2 rounds in total. Each break from the handstand was rewarded with a pull-up.