Monthly Archives: February 2015

Olympic weightlifting at Crossfit Hove

Class was mixed between snatch and clean practice, but we had a discussion about different methods of the set up or starting position. Commonly we see people who’ve had previous experience lifting, approach the bar, attain their grip but stay in a low crouched position, often shifting their rear end up and down as they ready themselves to lift, there are pros and cons of this approach and some argue it tires out the hamstring.
I’ve been fortunate to be coached by several Olympic lifters and amongst these was US national champion Eva T, Eva was coached directly by Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics. Eva’s approach to the bar is very simple, look down at the bar, keeping the torso tall, bend the legs and take your grip and lift. This proved to be a very effective alternative to the low set up process, and cut down the “faffing” and rigmarole we often see before a lift.

CrossFit Hove workout of the day 20 February 15

Warm up/mobilise
Strength training or gymnastic skill

A choice of two workouts were presented today, either
1 deadlift
1 bent over row
1 hang power clean
1 front squat
1 snatch grip deadlift
1 snatch grip bent over row
1 hang power snatch
1 over head squat
Each workout was performed for as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.