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CrossFit Hove workout of the day 31 March 15

Warm up/mobilise
Strength training or gymnastic skill

12 minutes of “Jack”
Jack is a hero benchmark of
10 push press
10 kettlebell swings
10 box jumps
Usually performed for 20minutes, we trimmed it down to 12.

The picture below depicts a little squat practice. We like to think of our squat as a backwards and downwards movement, focussing on the hamstring to drive the motion, if the knee comes into the movement early it may load the front of the thigh and not give as much power as we would wish. We placed a bench in front of our client and made sure that the movement starts at the hips and blocks the forward travel of the knees forcing the shin to remain more vertical, and loading the hamstring accordingly.


Gymnastics at CrossFit Hove

Focus in class was head stands, forming s triangle of hands and head, looking to progress from a small tucked shape against the wall to extended headstand away from the wall ( with a spotter if necessary!)
We further looked at core control using the paralettes and looking at the l sit, again going from a tucked position to extending the legs out in front.
The Wod was 10 box jumps and 5 free standing handstand press ups for 7 rounds or a 10 minute time cap.

CrossFit Hove workout of the day 25 March 15

Warm up/mobilise
Strength training or gymnastic skill

Three rounds of
30 double burpee
30 kettlebell swings

A note on the double burpee.
Our usual burpee goes from the standing position, and moves quickly down to the chest to floor position, having placed the hands on the floor and kicked the feet back, the double burpee introduces a full chest to floor pressup in this sequence.


Gymnastics at CrossFit Hove

Class focus was forward rolls, and handstand press ups from the tucked position. We looked at using the roll as an exit strategy out of a handstand, observing the necessity to tuck the torso forwards, starting at the chin and following this tuck down the spine to safely exit.

The Wod was 30 candlesticks to lowered position under control.