Monthly Archives: January 2016

CrossFit Hove Benchmark testing week

Another benchmark testing week upon us, we like to repeat these every 3 months to see how everyone is done and check our lifting and wod programs.

We revisited Helen (400 m run 21 kettlebell bell swing, 12 pull-up x3)

Elizabeth came around again (21/15/9 cleans and ring dips)

Nancy (15 overhead squats run 400 x5)

Jackie (1000m row, 50 thrusters, 30 pull-ups)

A couple of bonus balls were added also, a 5k row and the Whole life challenge workout (500m row 75 sit-ups 50 burpee step ups)

Many thanks to all, test week went very well and we were pleased with the work done by all.

CrossFit Hove workout of the day 6 January


Warm up, mobility and strength work

(a brief note about our strength work

We do a lot of different types of strength work, virtually every day, and we tailor it to the client, depending on what they need, how they like to lift, what strength they may be lacking, we look at the functionality of the strength training, not the aesthetic. We’ve been doing a lot of emom work, which is every minute on the minute, this might entail, 1 press 2 push push and 3  push jerks on the minute, allowing rest once these have been performed, adding weight as able, generally aiming for 12-15 minutes work. We keep our lifting, like our workouts, varied. )

20 minutes-as many rounds as possible of

12 dumbbell lunges (weighted)

10 weighted situps

40 double unders