Monthly Archives: February 2016

CrossFit Hove workout of the day 15 February

Warm up, mobility and strength work, the lift of the week was a 2 rep max push jerk.

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of max effort press ups and 300m runs. (What constitutes max effort press ups? We had a few rules, holding at the top, straight armed position for more than a few seconds was resting, as was a hybrid downward dog type movement as well)

CrossFit Hove workout of the day 12 February

Warm up/mobility/strength work or skills


150 wallball

A CrossFit bench mark, and one of the original girls, this can be approached in a number of ways, a popular more accessible version is to work in sets of 10, and break it down into these pieces, some choose 15’s and some (more experienced) will go flat out for as many as possible unbroken, then carry on, I would not recommend this unless the client is very experienced.

Gymnastics at CrossFit Hove

Class focus was on handstand press ups and kipping handstand pressups for our more advanced ( the kipping movement is a rapid opening of the hips to assist higher repetition handstand pressups, we’d normally expect 5+ handstand press ups in the strict variety before kipping is introduced. We use a mat beneath the head also) further progressions would be away from the wall, freestanding handstands and also ring based variations.

The wod looked at a cumulative 5 minute knee raise (from the bar) each break resulted in 5 skin the cats.