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CrossFit Hove Workout of the day 24 January 17

Warm up, mobility and strength work

I look at many different sources when it comes to programming whether it’s HQ, other affiliates or other CF orientated sites, I cherry pick, movements here, rep ratios there as I build up the weeks work. I think along the lines of the classic early programming, couplets or triplets which follow the ethos of simple and effective, it’s too easy to think that increasing the volume (reps) in a workout will make it tougher and extending the time frame will make it tougher still. The idea is in fact that intensity is generated by good movement and the right combination of movements, keeping things simple is often the most effective.


A descending ladder of dumbbell front squats mated with an increasing ladder of box jumps, this was the Rep ratio




and so on until 1 front squat and 15 box jumps, simple and effective and designed to illicit a fitness response


CrossFit Hove Workout of the day 17 January 17

Warm up, mobility and strength training

Rolling Tabata

Taking the Tabata training protocol of 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest, we used three movements, pull ups, press ups and sit-ups, these were used one after (Tabata is normally performed for 8 rounds of each movement)

The workout is scored by the lowest number of movements performed for each set