Why us?

Welcome to CrossFit Hove.

We have been teaching CrossFit since 2006, years before CrossFit was cool or trendy. We pride ourselves on being one of the oldest CrossFit affiliates in the UK and one of the original 250 affiliates globally.

We are different and will remain so. We take pride in our work and wish to help you with your fitness and your goals.

Our classes are small and intimate where our CrossFit Certified Coaches not only know your name, but also know your capabilities, and will drive you further to reach new levels. We pride ourselves on our coaching abilities and the ability to get the best out of you.


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The movements that we use are functional (replicated in life, requiring no special machinery or equipment). We dont look to train individual muscles in isolation but instead use compound (multiple joint) movements which mirror our movements outside of our training.

All new clients start their training with five one-on-one sessions. Each of the introduction sessions focusses on the movements we use and will incorporate a short workout which again will focus on these movements.

Call to make an appointment to come down and learn a little more and try a free workout.

Miles 07779 402991.