About the CFH Team

Miles Key-Head Trainer/Owner

I first found CrossFit.com late in 2006, I was studying to be a personal trainer and researching functional fitness on the internet. My training had come from a back ground of varied fitness pursuits, some of which were endurance based, some martial arts and to a greater extent weightlifting. At first I was intrigued by CrossFit, studying the programming it showed a very varied structure combining weightlifting movements (as opposed to bodybuilding movements) cardio-endurance and body weight or gymnastic training.

I began to study and learn the movements, using myself as guinea pig, trying to understand how CrossFit worked and began to follow the daily workouts (or WODS-workout of the day) posted by CrossFit.com in my garage. It’s fair to say I quickly became obsessed with this new training protocol, at this time I knew of nobody training CrossFit but I believed in it and could see the results myself. My first CrossFit client (my then partner and now wife) had come from a background of never having been in a gym-it took a certain degree of coercion to get her to train with me but she too quickly saw the results.

The first CrossFit trainer I met was Andrew Stemler, owner of the first CrossFit affiliate in the U.K. CrossFit London, I was fortunate that Andrew saw in me a mutual obsession for CrossFit and began teaching me the more complex techniques involved in our training.

In September 2007 I became a CrossFit affiliate, the seventh in the U.K., initially teaching my friends and their friends and work colleagues CrossFit, renting school halls and using my garage as a base. It was after that point that I started to travel round the country meeting my fellow affiliates and continued my learning.

In May of 2007 I travelled to San Diego to attend my first level 1 certification (I’ve since attended 3) and found our first premises shortly after (CrossFit West Sussex) in converted garages at the back of a print shop (the rent was £20 a week!)

Our affiliate grew steadily but we recognised that in order to keep growing we needed to relocate to Hove and CrossFit Hove opened its doors in July 2009.

In January 2010 I took my CrossFit Level 2 coaching certification (this certification differs from the level 1 in that it is an assessment of being able to teach the CrossFit method, as opposed to the level 1 which is being taught the foundational movements of CrossFit) After taking my level 2 it allowed me the opportunity to work for CrossFit HQ, teaching on the level 1 certifications.

In September 2010, my wife and I were invited to attend the CrossFit Kids certification by Jeff and Mikki Martin, founders of CrossFit Kids. Many of the cues used to teach children have proved very transferable to teaching adults as well.

My other CrossFit qualifications are CrossFit Endurance, which I’ve attended twice, this provided further knowledge to help the increasing number of endurance athletes we train get more proficient at their sport as well as teaching better running mechanics for people seeking to Barefoot or Pose run.

In March of this year I attended the CrossFit Strongman Certification, being taught how to train with Atlas stones, yokes, flip tyres efficiently as well as log presses, keg lifts and other awkward objects. The key to the Strongman certification is it enables us to better handle real world objects not just implements found in the gym.

My experience of teaching CrossFit is very broad, dealing with clients in their seventies, clients with replacement joints, undergoing chemotherapy, Asperger’s syndrome, dyspraxia, Cerebella Ataxia,MS and substance abuse issues. All of our clients have benefitted from the work that we do and seen their fitness improve as a result.

CrossFit Hove is an open, friendly local community consisting of normal people with a desire to get fitter and use our skills, experience and knowledge to do so.

Mark Stroud-Trainer
My first experience of Crossfit was with Miles Key in the Summer of 2011 after finding a CFH flyer in an antique shop. Since that first session of Chin-ups and burpees I’ve been hooked!! I love the ethos, programming style and training methodology and feeling of family/community that it has to offer. I have played and competed at many sports in my life from diving and Judo as a child and Rugby, Muay Thai and Kettlebell Sport as an adult and I’ve found that Crossfit has added a whole new dimension to my training. Before joining the Crossfit Hove team I had been coaching and training with kettlebells for almost 4 years, and in February 2012 and after 8 months of being coached by Miles Key I decided to take my Level 1 Crossfit certification as I felt that this would be the perfect training system to add to my skill set and enable me to train and share Crossfit with an amazing group of people and the rest they say is history…..I have been a member of the Crossfit Hove family ever since and what a great family it is. I feel Crossfit has so much to offer any individual that decides to walk through the door and I have a real passion coaching and helping these people progress whatever their ability and goal may be.

A bit about me:
I went from being injured and overweight after playing contact sports and found myself drawn toward kettlebell training. After a year of rigorous training I lost almost 3 stone in weight and decided to take my certification with the IKFF (International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation) under the watchful eye of kettlebell legend Steve Cotter. From that point onward my love for kettelebells has gone from strength to strength.

In January 2010 I started my own competitive Kettlebell Sport Team (Brighton Girevoy Sport Club). I am proud to say I am head coach of my team and that they have competed all around the UK and Ireland. We have around 10-12 competing members and have the largest team in the south of England. I have visited, trained with and been coached by some of the best in the business. I first traveled to Slovenia in 2010 to train with Gregor Sobocan who is the creator and Master coach of the Slovenian Ketlebell Club and European Girevoy Sport Association. After visiting him in I wanted to become more involved in the organisation and education of people in this sport so traveled back to Croatia in Dec 2010 to gain my EGSA Sport Coach & Fitness Trainer certification of which I am the English representative.

Then in September 2012 year I became one of the founding members of the Girevoy Sport Union, our credo is “INSPIRE, TEACH, COMPETE” and that is what I do. This is the British and Irish association for ketlebell sport lifting (think of it as the Four Nations of kettlebell sport). In November 2012 I was coached and instructed to complete my IKSFA Level 1 coaching certification by two honoured masters of sport from Russia Sergey Rudnev and Sergey Rachinskiy. The best in the business!!

I regularly compete in Girevoy Sport. This is a strength strength and endurance sport based on the classic Russian lifts of the Jerk, Clean & Jerk and Snatch. The competitor will be required to complete as many repetitions of the given lift as possible within a ten minute period. This sport has such a close affinity to Crossfit as it shares many of the mental and physical challenges and this is one of the reasons I love Crossfit so much. I cannot stress enough how it has helped increase my endurance and strength.

My next goal is to compete with the Crossfit Hove team in 2013 and continue to develop on a personal and professional level and be the best I can be within Crossfit and life.

Professional Certifications
• Crossfit Level 1 Certified Coach
• Creator and coach of Brighton Girevoy Sport Club.
• GSU (Girevoy Sport Union / Great Britain and Irish national team) Founder member, Chairman and Communications Adviser
• IKSFA Kettlebell Sport Coach, Level 1 Certification.
• EGSA Sport Coach & Fitness Trainer (European Girevoy Sport Association) English Representative
• IKFF CKT Level 1 (International Kettlebell Fitness Federation)
• Emergency First Aid

James Deed.
Hi, my name is James. I have been a part of CrossFit since 2008 and
have been coaching as a CrossFit
class instructor for the past three years. I’ve recently completed a
Bachelor of Science degree from
University of Brighton, but with a passion for training, it was an
easy decision to make a big change
of career to become part of the fitness industry full time.

I constantly strive to further my knowledge in as many areas of
strength and performance as
possible and I am always keen to test different training methods.
Through CrossFit, I’ve been able to
explore different areas of the sport; leading me to develop a keen
interest in Olympic Lifting and to
start building upon my knowledge of Olympic lifting through training
and BWLA courses over the past few years.

Fitness Qualifications:
CrossFit Trainer (Level 1)
CrossFit Strongman Trainer;
CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer;
CrossFit Football Trainer
British Weight Lifting Association (BWLA) Assistance Coach (Level 1)
British Weight Lifting Association (BWLA) Club Coach (Level 2)
Attitude Nation Coach (Level 1)
Catalyst Athletics Trainer