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CrossFit Hove Test Week

Every 3 months we see our test week, we repeat 2 of the previous workouts and introduce 2 more.
The workouts
Run 400m
21 kettlebell swings
12 pull-ups

50 squats
40 sit-ups
30 pressups
20 pull-ups
Repeated for 5 rounds, 3 minutes rest between rounds

400m run
15 overhead squats

1000m row
50 thrusters
30 pull-ups

As well as these benchmarks we also looked for a 5 rep max in the back squat, deadlift, strict press and bench press.
The test week is an excellent test for our clients to measure their improvement and for us as trainers to check our programming.

Masters at War competition at Train Manchester.

The weekend saw 3 teams from Crossfit Hove travel to Train Manchester to compete at the Masters of War competition. This was our second time attending this competition and again it was a very well coordinated and professional event.
The workouts
Every minute on the minute
5 kb swing, row for the remainder of the minute for three rounds, then the partner swapped and repeated this. 3 thrusters followed this with another swap so this workout lasted 12 minutes in total. Weights for the swings were 32/24kg, thrusters were at 50kg and 30.

The second workout was a 9 deadlift
6 front squat, 3 shoulder to overhead repeated with partner swaps after each sequence was completed for 8 minutes. The weight was split to 60/40 kg respectively

Workout 3 was a chipper starting with 70 wallball (10/8kg, 10/8ft) 60 pull-ups, 50 burpees over the barbell, 40 boxjumps (24/20 inches) and 30 cleans. Weight for the cleans was 60/40kg. This workout had a 12 minute time cap.

I was very pleased with our placings on the 80-89 age group and our 100+ group. We were the only Crossfit Affiliate to present multiple teams in different age groups in the competition, thanks to all those that took part and also those who came to support.


CrossFit Hove and West Sussex Barbell interbox Christmas throwdown.

Saturday the 14 saw another throw down at our sister gym in Portslade, this one with a festive theme.

The workouts
Working in pairs, a 1 rep max deadlift, scored by both team members lifts added together

12 days of Chrismas.
Performed again in pairs, 1 rests whilst the other works, the wod works like the song so each is repeated from 1-12.
1 clean
2 shoulder to overhead
3 front squats
4 sumo deadlift high pull
5 chest to bar pull-ups
6 boxjumps
7 burpees
8 pressups
9 wall ball
10 Kettlebell swings
11 deadlifts
12 thrusters

Many thanks to all those who took part and it was great to see so many people at our evening social as well.


Inov8 Masters at War competition.

Saturday saw myself and one of our longest serving athletes Emma compete at Train Manchester. This was her first foray into competition despite training with us for over 6yrs and my first experience of a masters competition. As we expected the competition was well thought out and programmed, Train, despite only being open for 18 months is run by the team of Dominic Beardwell, Darren Freeman and Samantha Briggs, all of who are experienced CrossFitters (one of who, Samantha, won the CrossFit games this year).

The workouts
In a relay, row 250, 100 double unders, row 250.

10 barbell snatches
10 burpees
As many rounds as possible in 7 minutes, rounds divided as chosen.

Clean ladder.
Ascending weight as a single lift, 45 seconds allocated for each lift.

11 pullups
2 deadlift (120/90kg)
10 handstand pressup
As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes.

It was a great pleasure working alongside Emma as her team mate as well as trainer and I was very happy with coming 16th at the end of the day.


Official opening of West Sussex Barbell

Saturday saw the “official” opening of our sister gym West Sussex Barbell. WSB is located on the border of Portslade and Southwick, 10 minutes from CrossFit Hove. A big thanks goes to all those who came along for the workouts and BBQ, especially our firefighters from Southwick fire station who did Fran in their protective suits.




CrossFit Games 13.2

The second online qualifier for the regionals was
5 shoulder to over head
10 deadlifts
15 box jump (or box step)
As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.
Two things struck me about this workout, firstly it was exceptionally scalable, allowing all of our members to partake in the workout, secondly was the need for clarity in the requirements for movement. The problems that could arise from this workout were several, shoulder to over head requires the bar to be fully over the centre of mass (the arm should be just behind the ear, so that a portion of ear is visible when the bar is in the lockout position overhead) the deadlift required an open hip and straight knee in the raised position, with the shoulders behind the bar, lastly the box jump or step (both were permissible and the box step deemed faster) needed to finish the movement on top of the box with the knee and hip both open for the rep to be counted.
Quality of movement is intrinsic to what we do at CrossFit Hove and I was very happy to see this demonstrated by our guys and girls taking part in this workout.