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CrossFitHove Test week

Every 3 months we see our test week roll around again, it works that we test our 4 slow lifts, squat, deadlift,  press and bench press.

We repeat 2 of the previous benchmarks, these were Karen, 150 wall balls and Annie, 50/40/30/20/10 of double unders and sit-ups. We also do 2 new girl CrossFit benchmarks, these were Fran, 21/15/9 of thrusters and pull-ups and Helen, 21 kettlebell swings, 12 pull-ups and 400m run, repeated for 3 rounds.

The “bonus ball” 5th benchmark was Grace, 30 barbell ground to overhead.

We thank our clients for their hard work as ever during this week, and congratulations on their progress.

CrossFit Hove Test week

Another test week done, we see these every 3 months and it’s a very good way to track strengths and weaknesses and what might need more focus or accessory work.

The test week works with 2 repeated workouts, these were “Diane” a couplet of 21/15/9 repetitions of deadlifts and handstand press-ups and “Elizabeth” another couplet of squats cleans and ring dips, this again follows the 21/15/9 rep range.

The new girls were Karen, 150 wall balls, Annie 50/40/30/20/10 of double unders and sit ups and lastly Mary, an amrap (as many rounds as possible) of 5 handstand press-up, 10 1 legged squats and 15 pull-ups.

As well as these workouts we tested for a 5 rep max in the back squat, deadlift, press and bench press. We had a very good test week, and I was very pleased with the increased skill in our gymnastic work and also increased strength. Many thanks to our clients for their hard work.

CrossFit Hove test week

And another 3 months has past since our last test week and again we revisit 2 benchmarks from February and introduce 2 fresh benchmark workouts.

Our returning benchmarks are Elizabeth, 21-15-9 of squat cleans and ring dips. The second is Karen, which is 150 wallball.

Our new benchmarks are Helen, a 400m run, 21 kettle bell swings and 12 pull-ups repeated for 3 rounds, the second is Mary, as many rounds as possible of 5 handstand press-ups, 10 single leg squats and 15 pull-ups in 20 minutes.


CrossFit Hove test week, part 1

Our test week comes around every three months, and it tells us a few things, the most important thing it tells us is improved fitness. One of the core statements of CrossFit is that fitness (work production in its most basic definition) needs to be measurable, observable and repeatable, hence we perform chosen benchmarks, train with general physical preparedness in mind and retest after 3 months to observe improvements.

So far this week, today being Wednesday we have seen:

Cindy (5 pull ups, 10 press ups and 15 squats performed repeatedly for 20 minutes)

Elizabeth (21-15-9 of cleans and ring dips)

Christine (Row 500 12 deadlifts and 21 boxjumps repeated for 3 rounds)

Both Cindy and Christine are repeated from November and we’ve seen improvements across the board.

As well as repeating these workouts and adding Elizabeth, we also test for 5 rep max’s in the back squat, press, deadlift and bench press. Test week is always a very pleasing week, it shows results for our clients and the work they have put in and also shows us that what we do gives them the results they strive for.

CrossFit Hove test week

Test week occurs every 3 months at CFH and consists of test of the strength work, so the press, bench press, deadlift and back squat are tested for 5 reps. We also look to retest 2 of the previous benchmarks and introduce 2 others.

The benchmarks


Row 500m

12 deadlift

21 box jumps



Row 1000m

50 barbell thrusters

30 pullups


As many rounds as possible of

5 pull-ups

10 press-ups

15 unweighted squats

repeated for 20 minutes


30 ground to overhead for time

The bonus wod was a 2k Row, of course thanks go to our clients for their hard work for test week.