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Gymnastics at CrossFit Hove

Class focus on strength was a tabata (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest) between hollow rock and bridge ups

This in turn was followed by side bends or side planks, these held for 30 second durations.

Followed by inchworms going into an extended plank hold.

The last two of our trunk series were tiger pressups, going from forearm onto hand and scapula retraction pressups. image

Gymnastics at CrossFit Hove

Class focus was on handstand press ups and kipping handstand pressups for our more advanced ( the kipping movement is a rapid opening of the hips to assist higher repetition handstand pressups, we’d normally expect 5+ handstand press ups in the strict variety before kipping is introduced. We use a mat beneath the head also) further progressions would be away from the wall, freestanding handstands and also ring based variations.

The wod looked at a cumulative 5 minute knee raise (from the bar) each break resulted in 5 skin the cats.

Gymnastics at CrossFit Hove

Class focus was on L hangs and held knee raises (both hanging from the bar) together with pull-up practice, whether strict, kipping or banded variations. We then used a brief emom (every minute on the minute with 50% of the max rep for the movement for 10 minutes.

The wod

max effort handstand hold, followed by a 6 minute amrap of

10 airsquats

10 box jumps

10 kipping knees to elbows

CrossFit Hove workout of the day 6 January


Warm up, mobility and strength work

(a brief note about our strength work

We do a lot of different types of strength work, virtually every day, and we tailor it to the client, depending on what they need, how they like to lift, what strength they may be lacking, we look at the functionality of the strength training, not the aesthetic. We’ve been doing a lot of emom work, which is every minute on the minute, this might entail, 1 press 2 push push and 3 ¬†push jerks on the minute, allowing rest once these have been performed, adding weight as able, generally aiming for 12-15 minutes work. We keep our lifting, like our workouts, varied. )

20 minutes-as many rounds as possible of

12 dumbbell lunges (weighted)

10 weighted situps

40 double unders

CrossFit Hove Gymnastics class

Skills work in the gymnastic class was on pressing into handstand work

The wod was a 15 time cap of

30 lateral press-ups (the lateral press up involves the press then a sideways movement)

25 wide handed press up

20 elbows in press up

15 standard press up

10 plyometric press up

5 Olympic press up ( the Olympic press up involves the hands overhead on the floor position, and bridging upwards, also known as a LaLanne press up)

Gymnastics at CrossFit Hove

Class focus was on planche positions and aiming to move shoulders over the hands working towards a balanced position, scalings being lifting a foot or using a small box.

The second focus was upon the frog stand, looking at loading the shoulder and balancing in the position of contact with bent elbows tucked inside the knees. The frogstand is scaled up by straightening the elbows and extending the legs, this begins to look more like a planche position.