Olympic lifting at West Sussex Barbell

Class focus was on assistance movement for the snatch, so overhead squats and snatch balance was taught. Snatch balance consists of three different stages.
The first stage is pressing snatch balance where the feet are already in the squat stance and the bar is positioned on top of the shoulders. Using a snatch width grip we press ourselves downwards into a full squat position, with the arms fully extended in the base position then move upwards keeping the arms locked until standing fully upright.
The heaving snatch balance consists of the same foot stance but we employ a push press from behind the neck and use greater speed to reach the base position.
The last variant is referred to as snatch balance, and this starts with the feet in jumping position (beneath the hips) and the lifter jumps into squat stance and drives them self beneath the bar. All of these assistance movements are initially taught with PVC pipe to understand the progressions before moving onto weight.

Gymnastics at West Sussex Barbell

Class focused on strict strength movements studying dips (whether band assisted, on a dip station or on rings) pull-ups, again assisted as necessary and handstand pressups. It’s important to note that in the early stages of learning handstand pressups we avoid the kipping movement as it can create stress in the cervical spine by compression of these discs, and focus on negative pressups and decreasing the range of movement.

The wod was as many burpee boxjumps in 5 minutes as possible.

CrossFit Hove workout of the day 27 March ’14

Warmup/mobilise/lift or gymnastic skill work.

30 ground to overhead.

When Grace was first posted as a benchmark workout in September 2001, it was described as 30 clean and jerks for time. This would suggest that the movements are a squat clean and a push jerk. The benchmark had since evolved and is generally now performed as a power clean, not involving a squat and a push press not jerk. As a benchmark Grace is a test of strength and speed and regardless of the absence of squat or jerk, still produces this test very well.